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Wuxi Paike Successful Completion of 2019 Team Building Activity


From the last moment, we were still working hard inoffice. By now we are in team building scene which really excited us. Uponarrival at our destination, we take a beautiful group photo together. In orderto improve team cohesion, integration, and enhance team member relationship andencourage them to assist each other, Wuxi Paike organized this team buildingactivity to establish a sense of partnership, to create a positive attitude andparticipate in the team building activity. Attendees gathered as one team maynot know each other, however, they prepare team flag together, prepare slogan,line up in queue, and concentrate on the tasks they are working on. Work hard,never go backward. We are the best team. Picnics are busy. At the scene, werolled up our sleeves to clean vegetables and peel shrimp shells. Of course,being busy is a perfect and profound memory. This is the greatest happiness weshare during such team building activity. Working together, never forget ourambition. By doing so, we will draw a blueprint together and improve thecohesion and cohesiveness, buildup trust and understand the importance oftrust. Each position in Wuxi Paike is important and each employee is importantto the company. With gratitude we meet at Paike and witness the growth ofPaike. Looking forward to seeing a better us. Let us join hands and create abetter future for Paike. We celebrate the successful completion of 2019 teambuilding activity.

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