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Wuxi Paike New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

The company address: 30 Lianhe Rd., Hudai Industrial Park, BinhuDist.Wuxi, Jiangsu,China

telephone: 0510-85585888

Zip code: 214161

fax: 0510-85585777

web site:

  • The sales department

    telephone: 0510-85585588
    Zip code: limuzi@wuxipaike.com

  • The personnel department

    telephone: 0510-83102702
    Zip code: wxpkhr@wuxipaike.com
    Bus routes:4road、26road、126road to zhangshe station,flowing by lianherouad to north

  • The foreign trade department

    public email: exporting@wuxipaike.com

    International Sales Department Ⅰ

    telephone: 0086-17888126820/0510-68227174
    Zip code: zhaohong@wuxipaike.com

  • +86 0510-85585888
  • exporting@wuxipaike.com